younger tender rounder sweeter redder moister brighter crisper yum

I am the biggest multishipper in the entire world. I literally have no otp you will see everything on this blog


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i accidentally spilled pee on myself this week and thought of you


The planets, aligned.


Out of all our sisters, I hated you least

            all my favorite episodes: 1x02 (Wendigo)


Jason Todd walks into a bar and The Joker’s behind the counter. He says “Jason, you know I can’t serve Robins here.” And Jason asks “Why?” And Joker replies “THIS IS A CROW BAR!”

Then he beats him to death.

4th of July, 1996.

A Study in Silhouettes
↳ 2.08 Crossroad Blues


who do you want me to be? 
for libby

don’t take shots of rumple minze kids
because you will throw up and blackout

Louis - One Direction: The Official Annual 2015 +